We know the corals: Ricordea Florida

A discoidal soft coral, provided with regular and characteristic swellings of the mantle around the mouth which give it a bubble appearance. There are the most disparate colors from green to blue, even rarer orange and pink.

From the simple breeding suitable for both beginners and the more experienced, it is excellent for the purpose of giving color to your marine aquarium.

Among the soft corals it is not the fastest to grow, but in the right conditions a constant growth can be appreciated over the months, obviously provided that the water parameters are optimal, for this purpose we suggest the use of a sea salt of excellent quality. quality, which you can find for sale on our site.

Fundamental nutrients must never be lacking. For this purpose, the dosage of amino acids is recommended to keep its appearance florid and trace elements for its colouring. In addition to adequate lighting.

Pay attention to the brightness, it must never be placed exactly under the spotlight, it loves the light but better if the intensity is not too high. Place it, especially in the early stages of acclimatization, in the lower part as close to the bottom as possible.

Once acclimatised you can move up to an average height. Although we recommend positioning it on a dedicated rock, independent from the main rock, which over time will be covered by several discs also joined together to form a sort of continuous chain.

The best result will be obtained by placing more discs of various colors on the usual rock which, growing over time, will create one of the most beautiful color compositions that nature can offer.

Below we leave you some examples of Ricordea florida that can be purchased on our site:

The staff wishes you a good reef.

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