Who we are

LBReef was born from the desire of the founder Luca to transform the passion that has accompanied him since he was a child into a full-time job.

At the beginning, like all people who approach this world, he was an inexperienced and confused aquarist in an area that can sometimes be complex at first approach for many discouraging from the outset.

The goal of our staff if you are newbies is to guide you to a conscious aquarium design, through the best advice based on biological knowledge and experience in the field to lead you step by step and lead you to the realization of your aquarium idea, always keeping with direct contact thanks to the site's blog and the associated YouTube channel.

Through the sale of the best products selected by us, we will be able to help you cultivate your passion by supporting you or directly dealing with the preparation, management and maintenance of your tank; thanks to the support of the best brands in the sector.

The LBReef staff also intends to provide healthy animals, regularly imported / bred and quarantined; shipped in their fullest respect. We will always try to limit, if not remove, the presence of any type of visible parasites in order to provide a pest-free service through prolonged quarantines in our tanks. Thanks to the WYSIWYG formula (What You See Is What You Get) you can see the animals you have chosen on a grid that describes their size by counting the squares. It is our concern to let you receive the same animal of your choice. The coloring on display will be as close as possible to the live one thanks to our photographic means, however small chromatic variations are allowed.

Quality is the hallmark that will always distinguish us by trying to maintain the highest standards in the industry. It will be a pleasure for us to welcome and satisfy your requests, so do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a good Reef.

The staff.