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Brightwell - MaxAmino 125ml

Brightwell - MaxAmino 125ml

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Unique complex of 20 free form amino acids in the same proportions found in fish tissue.

Healthy for all marine, brackish and freshwater fish species.

Free-form amino acids:

1. They favor vivid colors.

2. They provide the building blocks of protein in the ideal proportions to encourage new tissue formation, increasing the rate of growth .

3. Promote new tissue growth to support wound healing.

Increases the protein concentration in the feed.

It acts as an appetizer to stimulate picky fish to start eating new foods.

Formulated on the basis of data collected by ichthyologists during research on fish tissues.

Does not require refrigeration.

Technical background

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and the proportion in which they are present depends on the different tissue types of organisms; the proteins themselves are involved in all aspects of cellular processes. Amino acids play essential roles directly and indirectly in all biological processes, from regulating protein utilization, to indirectly influencing neurological functioning, to the formation of pigments that give the organism its color, and so on; in short, they are crucial to the entire existence of living organisms. The absence of various amino acids in an organism's diet can play a negative role by limiting or "throttle" a series of biological processes; this can lead to illness or death and should clearly be avoided .

Many organisms are unable to biologically synthesize some amino acids from their basic components, and it is therefore necessary that they obtain them from the diet. The benefit MaxAmino offers to the enthusiast is that it is precisely formulated to deliver the 20 standard amino acids in the exact proportions in which they are found in fish tissue, and in a form ready for absorption into prepared and thawed feed. As such, MaxAmino is primarily to be used as an impregnant to enhance the nutritional value of frozen feed or preparations. Increases the protein percentage of food by 10mg for every ml used. Furthermore, impregnating a new feed with MaxAmino encourages finicky fish to start feeding, demonstrating that it increases the flavor of these feeds.

MaxAmino does not require refrigeration, however storing in a cool, dark place will prolong the activity of the vitamins. Refrigeration maximizes product life.

Instructions and guidelines

Shake well before use. Measure out the desired amount of feed and place it in a clean container, such as a small bowl; rinse the frozen food under running water (preferably purified) until it is thawed and the liquid in which it was frozen is washed away, then place the food in a container. Add MaxAmino drop by drop into the container, saturating the food, but without leaving liquid in the container; in other words, do not dose a glass of product on a pinch of feed; at this point administer everything in the aquarium. Allow MaxAmino to soak food for 2-5 minutes, then administer feed in an area with moderate current, away from inlets to strainers or spillways, or as desired; this is done effectively by collecting the impregnated food from the container with a teaspoon and placing it in the desired point of the aquarium. Discard any unused MaxAmino that remains in the container. Remember that soaked food tends to sink faster than dry food, but it is also easier for the fish to consume due to the fact that it has softened and is at room temperature (in the case of frozen food). Food left to soak for more than 5 minutes can easily break apart when exposed to a moderate current; this can be useful when there are fish species in the aquarium that prefer small feeds rather than relatively larger feeds.

Do not use more than 5ml of total product per day for every 189 liters of total aquarium water for the first four weeks of use; thereafter, the dosage can be gradually increased as desired. Starting from a low dosage and gradually increasing it over time will allow the biological filter of the aquarium to adapt to the increase in nutrients and prevent a deterioration in water quality. Some enthusiasts may choose to use MaxAmino with each administration, while others may prefer less frequent use. MaxAmino does not contain free phosphate, although it is composed of amino acids, the precursors of proteins, and therefore contributes to the concentration of organic material in the aquarium which arrives with each feeding; therefore, use the product only as indicated and decrease the frequency of use if the presence of cyanobacteria or unwanted algae should increase during the period following the administration of the product in the aquarium. Do not dose this product directly into aquarium water.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for human consumption.

Guaranteed analysis

Moisture (max) 99.00%, Crude Protein (min) 1.00%, Crude Fat (min) 0%, Crude Fiber (min) 0%


Purified Water, Proprietary Free Form Amino Acid Complex, Hydrolysed Fish Protein.

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