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MP40QD Pump

MP40QD Pump

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We've enhanced our already award-winning line of Vortech pumps using the cutting edge of technical innovation.

QuietDrive and the all new MP40 redefine what an aquarium motion pump can do.

To complement the brand new QD Driver the MP40 has been completely redesigned:

  • More than six continuous modes of operation
  • Wave Auto Tune Mode, Feed Mode and Night Mode
  • 90% less noise*
  • Up to 40% more power*
  • Communicates with existing WWD and “w” EcoSmart pumps
  • Increased efficiency
  • Double bearing outer part
  • Fully compatible with EcoSmart Live via ReefLink
  • Available as an upgrade for WWD and Ecosmart Drivers

* reference MP40wES

MP40wQD Technical Specifications:

  • Flow: 17,000+ lph
  • Consumption: 9-38 Watts
  • Size of the aquarium: 190-1800 litres
  • Maximum glass thickness: 19 mm
Having the right flow in the aquarium is essential for the health of the ecosystem. With VorTech QuietDrive, choosing the best equipment for correct water circulation has never been easier.

VorTech pumps were designed by aquarists to become the gold standard in marine aquarium flow-creating equipment. When it comes to a large yet gentle flow, the VorTech design is unmatched:

  • Create a large movement of water
  • Does not harm corals
  • Natural water flow
  • Three-dimensional flow models
  • Complete flow options
  • Precise control of water movement

Vortech is no less amazing today than when it first revolutionized the world of fishkeeping. Three generations of pumps, more than ten years of flows created and tens of miles of healthy aquariums are the best testimony to the uniqueness of this propelling pump. At the heart of Vortech's success is the incomparable, patented, magnetic drive.

  • No distractions, just the beauty of the aquarium and its animals
  • No cables in the aquarium
  • No unwanted heat in the water
  • No risk of electric shock, dangerous to people or life in the aquarium
  • No problem when you need to install, relocate or clean the pump

QuietDrive is grounded in VorTech's unique magnetic coupling benefits but takes it to the next level. The revolutionary new driver increases efficiency and significantly reduces motor noise. First VorTech took the motor out of the aquarium, now QuietDrive takes the noise out of the motor.

Alone each VorTech pump can do incredible things, connect it to EcoSmartLive through ReefLink and the possibilities become endless.

  • Include any number of VorTech wQD pumps in an EcoSmart profile

  • Create custom pump schedules with a simple “Drag and Drop”

  • Control/program one or more VorTech pumps using a tablet/smartphone

  • Create programs that vary modes over the 24 hours

  • Integrate VorTech pumps with other EcoTech equipment including Radion LED ceiling lights

  • Save, import/export pump schedules for storage or sharing

  • Use the pump layout wizard to create a graphical representation of the aquarium

  • Compatible with Mac, PC, iOS and Android platforms

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