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Versa VX-1 Peristaltic Pump

Versa VX-1 Peristaltic Pump

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One precision aquarium pump that does it all. Dosing, automatic top-up, water changes and feeding. Accurate to 2% or less and capable of several hundred ml per minute, Versa™ is the new standard in multipurpose pumps.


With commercial-grade construction with durable ABS plastics and precision gearing, the Versa™ is built to last. Designed to handle long-term continuous use applications, the time between maintenance is significantly extended with the use of laboratory grade silicone tubing.


Versa's drive system configuration is optimized for accuracy and longevity, two essential characteristics for a market-leading, precise and robust peristaltic pump.


Automatic mode

The automatic mode programs the dosing according to the additive or solution to be dosed. This mode uses standard dosing practices and known water parameter variations in a reef aquarium based on light cycle and biological activity. Versa™ does not determine dosing volume, which requires testing and adjustments. However, program the dosage according to the selected salt or additive.

Continuous mode

Continuous mode sets a dosing rate (volume/min) that runs when the pump is powered. Continuous mode is an always active dosing mode and must be controlled by external means (controller, timer, float switch, etc.).

Manual mode

Manual mode allows the user to create a program by specifying volumes and dosing duration. Versa's variable operating capability allows you to do a volumetric dose at a given rate or over a given period of time. Up to 30 separate dosing events can be created per pump in a 24-hour period. The Catch-Up feature allows Versa™ to correct a dosing difference if the pump is turned off or interrupted during the daily schedule. The guards help prevent some potential dosing problems.


The new EcoTech equipment control app. Downloadable for free from the iOS or Android app store, Mobius™ turns your smart device into the control center for your EcoTech® equipment. Simple is an understatement. You can be up and running in less than five minutes!

1. Download the Mobius app.
2. Create a profile.
3. Turn on the Versa.
4. Create a name for your aquarium.
5. Add Versa and create an operating schedule.

Length  80mm
Length 59.4mm
Height 106.9mm)
Power specifications
Energy consumption 12W
Universal input range 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Inrush current peak 1.3A
Dosage volume
MIN 0.5 ul per minute
MAX Continuous 200ml per minute
MAXIMUM volumetric 300ml per minute
Included PTC female and adapter

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